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Afghan Presidential Candidate: The U.S. Occupation Must End

The past 8 years have done more harm than good to women's rights in Afghanistan -- the U.S. is waging a war, not winning a peace.

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Kolhatkar: Any last message that you would like to convey to the American people?

Bashardost: Thank you very much. I would like to say to the American people: your young soldiers give their blood in Afghanistan. Your tax money pays for Afghan reconstruction. Because we have the same interests for a long time. But now your tax money and the blood of your soldiers is used in Afghanistan by a minority in power who are war criminals, they are part of the narco-state. They don't believe in human rights values, in women's rights. So it is time that you support a real, good governance in Afghanistan, and human rights values in Afghanistan, and give a chance to a new generation in Afghanistan to have higher education and good experiences, and that believe in good governance and human rights. I am absolutely sure that the way of the American government is the wrong way in Afghanistan. It is time to change for American people's interests and also for Afghan people's interests. We have the same interests. We can decide together.

Sonali Kolhatkar is Co-Director of the Afghan Women's Mission , a US-based non-profit that funds health, educational, and training projects for Afghan women. She is also the host and producer of Uprising Radio , a daily morning radio program at KPFK, Pacifica in Los Angeles.

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