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Blue Dog Dems Want to Reform the Health Care System Without Reforming the Health Care System

Really, they should quit whining already and get behind true reform.

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I think it's the latter. Like with the effort in 1993, the Blue Dogs are inventing reasons to resist a health care overhaul.

It's obvious from the contradictions in their argument.



But lurking behind all of these complaints, according to several sources I consulted Thursday evening, is a general wariness of taking a political plunge on health care. Like their counterparts in the Senate, House members don't like taking hard votes. Raising taxes, cutting spending, anything that takes money ouf of people's pockets--these are not things they want to do, even in the service of a greater, more popular cause.

And now they're getting nervous. They're seeing the president's popularity dipping, however incrementally. They're watching the Senate chase its tail over the same controversies. And having just taken what were--for many of them--similarly tough votes on an energy bill, they're not exactly thrilled about "walking the plank" again.


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