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Memo to Obama: You Can Do a Lot Better on Detainee Policy

Obama may pay a high political price for doing the right thing, but he just has to pay it.

Obama is doing a lot of things well, but he's screwing up his detainee policy very badly. Dealing with the Gitmo detainees is just not something you can finesse and resolve without taking a political hit. I know Congress is not cooperating and that that makes it nearly impossible to disposition these cases in a just manner. I know that other countries' willingness to take these detainees off our hands is limited, and that puts us in a real bind if we deem them too dangerous to release into our population and yet don't feel we can convict them in a court of law. I understand that neither the people nor the Congress will casually accept any Gitmo detainees being released in America even if the administration deems them harmless .

Booman is the proprietor of the Booman Tribune .

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