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From Farm to Pharma: How Animals Ended Up Living in Confined Feedlots Guzzling Antibiotics

Here's the history behind the transition from farm to feedlot and why Big Pharma rules the barn.

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American Cyanamid's promotions in The National Hog Farmer pose these questions:

ASK YOURSELF: Can I afford to finish my hogs with Aureomycin tetracycline during a tight year?
THEN ASK YOURSELF: Can I afford slow growth, poor feed efficiency, cervical abscesses, bacterial enteritis, and the drag of atrophic rhinitis during any year?

Aureomycin doesn't cost, it pays.

Sadly, the problems that the farmer is forced to treat in this ad are the results of confinement hog management. The pigs of farmers who use rotational grazing suffer these ailments either not at all or at least not at anywhere near the same rates as continuously confined pigs.