Take Action This Weekend: Urge Congress to Vote "No" on the War Supplemental

Want to know what $96.7 billion more in wartime spending will go toward?

Want to know what 21,000 more US troops and $96.7 billion more in wartime spending will go toward?  Gen. Petraeus says insurgent attacks in Afghanistan are at their highest level since 2001; there were 400 attacks in the last week alone.  Both Generals Petraeus and McChrystal expressed the desire to keep civilian casualties to a minimum, but how can they possibly achieve that lofty goal with more troops on the ground?  It stands to reason that more troops will mean more incidents of violence, increasing calls for more US airstrikes, which in turn will mean more civilian casualties.

Fortunately, there's a chance to defeat the war supplemental and you can even take action this weekend.  Here's what FireDogLake's Jane Hamsher recommends:

There won’t be anyone to pick up the phone at congressional offices this weekend, but you can write letters to the editor in time for the Sunday edition, urging members of Congress to vote against the Supplemental Appropriations Act.

Rahm Emanuel is threatening Democratic freshmen if they don’t vote for the bill.  We need 39 Democratic votes to defeat it.  Already 32 have committed to oppose it.  Please write your local paper and urge them to support your member of Congress in voting against the supplemental.  (If you don’t know who your member of Congress is, you can look them up here.)

Write letters to the Editor and say “no” to the supplemental


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