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Why Obama Should Take Notes from Cuba on a Green Energy Revolution

Cuba has successfully greened its energy sector over the last few years, and is now exporting its energy revolution.

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As a native Swiss, I was happy to see that the Swiss government is supporting Cuba’s energy revolution through a project to generate biogas from coffee, rice and forest waste. The United States, meanwhile, is still boycotting the Caribbean island. Laurie Guevara-Stone believes that the trade embargo is greatly hampering Cuba’s efforts to upgrade and expand its bagasse and wind power plants.

In the US, the clean energy act is phasing out most incandescent light bulbs within a period of more than six years. Cuba managed to take this step in just six months. We could learn from Cuba’s ingenuity in the energy sector, just as Cuba could benefit from US technology. The Obama administration has already lifted restrictions on travel and remittances to Cuba. I hope it will soon abolish the anachronistic trade embargo and start cooperating with the Cuban government in a joint energy revolution.

Peter Bosshard is the policy director of International Rivers. His blog is Wet, Wild and Wonky .

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