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Hey Miss California, How Does God Feel About Fake Breasts?

Carrie Prejean claims God disapproves of gay marriage. How does the Almighty feel about her breast implants?

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In my book on the aesthetics of female sensuality, entitled Erotic Book, I explored the reasons why so many women have been seduced into believing that external perceptions of their state of beauty and feminine allure are solely determined by the quantity of fatty tissue contained within their mammary glands. Not only is size the least important aesthetic component of breasts; the consequences of surgical implants have often led to dire results for women.

In my opinion, Carrie Prejean did not set a sterling example by succumbing to superficial and vulgar definitions of feminine beauty and going the implant route, in a crass attempt to win a contest based on factors that have nothing to do with her character or innate human qualities. For that reason, her awkward attempt to now transition from the woman with the implants to a virtuous moral crusader lacks all credibility. A veneer of pseudo-Christian hypocrisy will not camouflage Ms. Prejean's vapid breast obsession, no matter how tightly she wraps herself with it.