Supreme Court: Boobs Are a REALLY Big Deal

The Supreme Court reopens "boob-gate."

Remember when Janet Jackson flashed her boob during the Superbowl, but nobody cared because you can see boobs on the Internet and on basic cable and in real life?

But, despite the public's disinterest in the faux "controversy", the media blathered about it endlessly and the PTC (Parent's Television Council) wrote lots of empassioned letters in protest and the FCC leveled a $550,000 fine against CBS Corps.

Last year, there was a rare flash of sanity regarding the issue when a Philadelphia Court threw out the fine against CBS Corp., stating that the incident was "fleeting" and did not meet the long-held FCC standard that content be “pervasive as to amount to 'shock treatment' for the audience.”

Today, the Supreme Court took the non-sanity approach, directing the lower court to re-examine its decision.

From the AP: