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Markos 'Kos' Moulitsas on Obama, Twittering, Fighting the Blue Dogs, and the Major Changes Coming

The founder of the popular Daily Kos site discusses the growing power of the online netroots, and their upending of political gatekeepers.

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DH: Anything you want to get on the record before we close this down?

MM: I guess I'll make one point: After Obama won the election, people talked a lot about how it's going to be the death of the netroots. "They won, what are people gonna talk about, what are they gonna do?"

And nobody's really asking that anymore. There has been a realization that Obama still has an agenda to sell. We still have Democrats who are not doing their job and need to be knocked out. And that Minnesota Senate race! It's still not up in the air, because we know that Al Franken won the election, but we don't know when he's going to get finally seated. And, of course the media is the media, and we can't properly count on them to do their job without policing them.

So, I think that people are realizing that what we won in November was a battle -- a big battle, an important one -- but that war is ongoing, probably never-ending. And if we really care about our country, and the future, about cleaning up the messes of the last Republican administration -- that we can't disengage, that we have to remain active and assist however we can to make sure not only that Obama's agenda gets through, but that we hold Democrats accountable and that we continue to work to defeat the worst Republicans in the House and the Senate. Because, the fewer of them there are, the less relevant the blue-dog type Democrats and Evan Bayhs of the world become.

So we need to render them as irrelevant as we possibly can.

Don Hazen is the executive editor of AlterNet.