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President Obama, We Want the Truth About the Bush Administration

Confronting our own misdeeds is a measure of our character. And yes, the whole world is watching

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The Bush administration opposed the creation of the 9/11 commission, then resisted with much force many of the panel’s requests for information. In the end, determined lobbying by victims’ families and their acumen at airing their demands in the media forced officialdom to create the panel, and helped the commission surmount obstacles that were placed in its way.


Now we have no tearful widows or orphaned children to plead on television for a just accounting. But how we handle the grievances of the voiceless and confront our own misdeeds is yet another measure of our character. And yes, the whole world is watching.


Marie Cocco is a prize-winning syndicated columnist on political and cultural topics for The Washington Post Writers Group. She is a frequent commentator on national TV and radio shows.

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