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Tomorrow's Protests at 100s of Bank of Americas Is AlterNet's Top Take Action Campaign of the Week

Join angry citizens who will be protesting across the country, demanding that CEO Ken Lewis be fired and that BOA stop consumer abuses.

Are you angry about corporate executives raking in millions of dollars of bonuses for colossal financial failures from your tax dollars, while working people lose jobs and benefits?

Or how about the predatory lending and the arbitrary raising of interest rates on credit cards by big banks awash in billions of dollars of government payoffs? That probably makes you angry too. And you are not alone.  There are tens of thousands of Americans, and organizations who are with you and are doing something abou it tomorrow. Click here to join the angry citizens who will be protesting at hundreds of Bank of America's around the country, demanding that CEO Ken Lewis be fired, that BOA stop consumer abuses, provide health care to all of its employees and stop lobbying against pro-labor legislation like EFCA. BofA has accepted 45 billion dollars in taxpayer subsidies.

AlterNet's Top Ten Take Action Campaigns

We need more dissent like tomorrow's " Take Back the Economy" rallies protests which are imaginative, broad based, and gets to the heart of the matter -- corporate greed and irresponsibility. To help highlight these campaigns, AlterNet is launching its Top Ten Hottest Take Action campaigns for social change today, and the number one campaign is " Take Back the Economy," sponsored by SEIU, , CCC, US Action, Working Families Party and many more. The second-ranked campaign is an effort to hold Bush administration torturers accountable. The third is the struggling effort to pass the Employee Free Choice Act ( EFCA). A few weeks ago AlterNet helped launch A New Way Forward, another growing effort help organize people around polices that favor banks over people.

To give prominence to campaigns check out our new front page tool (in the upper right-hand corner). The tool allow you to quickly and easily access information about the most important causes, campaigns, and grassroots movements happening right now, and then to take action. Every week we will highlight ten campaigns roughly based on the campaign's vision, the achievability of their goals, the number of people they will benefit, the progressive values they trumpet, and our ability to help them succeed. We will focus on local, national, and even international efforts of people who are working to improve our world. (If you know of an ongoing campaign, grassroots movement, or ongoing political action, please email us at Every week, on Tuesday, we will have new campaigns to highlight, and others will move up and down the list depending on what's happening in the political world at the moment.

Change cannot happen in a vacuum; will you do your part and join the protests? To find the protest happening in your community and to learn more about how you can stand up against Bank of America's greed and corruption go to We know that with so many issues the amount of work that needs to be done can be overwhelming, as is the number of organizations and grassroots movements that are asking for your attention. The 'The Top Ten Hottest Campaigns' feature will help you quickly and easily access many of the most important campaigns taking place right now.

I - Take Back the Economy - Taxpayers Nationwide Protest Bank of America's Corporate Excess

As mentioned above, taxpayers nationwide are organizing to demand Bank of America reform its ways. Led by SEIU,, and other community groups, thousands will come out on April 28th to demand that Bank of America fire CEO Ken Lewis and change the way they do business. We bailed them out, now they need to listen to us.Will you stand up and demand Bank of America change its way? To learn more click here:

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