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Obama Campaign's Multi-Million Dollar Propaganda Firm Deployed in Iraq to Advise on "New Media"

With Iraq in ruins, Obama sends a politically connected firm, along with reps from AT&T, Google, and Twitter to build 'smart power' in Baghdad.

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Just because Blue State Digital was used by Obama and now is heading to Iraq where it could potentially make substantial money down the line as a contractor doesn't mean there is necessarily any conflict outside of the normal way business is done in Washington. Similar concerns could be raised about the presence on the State Department delegation of (warrantless wiretap facilitator) AT&T, which was a major corporate sponsor of the Democratic National Convention in Denver last year. (AT&T has also worked with Blue State).

"We work with Democratic candidates," Blue State says on its Facebook Page, "We are partisan in the candidates we work with." Fair enough. But imagine if the Bush White House deployed a firm in Iraq that was a major player in the Bush campaign fundraising machinery that was "partisan in the candidates" it worked with and its name was Red State Digital -- it would surely be all over the blogosphere.

Oh, and here is one final, interesting tidbit from The Times of London:

Even Karl Rove, the Republican political adviser who masterminded George W. Bush's two election wins is an admirer [of Blue State Digital], saying that the company does "good things for the wrong people".


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