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Franken vs. Coleman Update: A Ruling!

... but not the one we've been waiting for.

Well, we got a ruling from the Election Contest Court Friday -- and while it was a ruling, it wasn't the one we've been waiting to see. Sixty-one Franken voters, represented by attorney Charles Nauen and hence collectively known as the Nauen voters, had filed suit in order to get their absentee ballots counted. Thirty-six of these voters had their ballots counted in the final vote count on Tuesday; the rest were not allowed to have their ballots counted.

Meanwhile, Republican Party of Minnesota chair Ron Carey has inadvertently admitted what we all knew, that Al Franken is our elected representative.

Check back again later this weekend, and have a joyous Ostara! (And throw some coin The UpTake's way, if you can.)

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