Glenn Beck Turns into "Crazy Nut-Job" Over State Dept Nominee Harold Koh

Right-wing conspiracy theorists try to derail Koh's nomination.

As ThinkProgress recently noted, a small number of conspiracy-theory, far-right conservatives have raised concerns about Obama’s appointment of Harold Koh to be Legal Adviser to the Department of State. Their nutty views have been trumped up by Fox News and the NY Post, with extremist Glenn Beck leading the charge. This despite there being no basis in reality for the charges against Koh.

Today on his Fox News show, Beck ranted some more against Koh. Beck conceded, “There is a big debate on the internet, in the New York Times and everybody else, saying that I’m a crazy nut-job because of Harold Koh.”

Henry Fernandez is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress focusing on state and municipal policy.