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Fast-Rising Protest Group Challenges the Outrageous Power of the Bankers

Why it's time to nationalize the banks, and enforce tough financial regulations to stop the massive theft from the public purse.

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How so?

Then the corporations just have so much money and so many connections to the political system. Then they are allowed to influence some of the most important decisions. There are some people who have a bunch of political power because of the money they are allowed to make. And then there is the public that can never gain that much political power individually.

What is one thing that you are hoping that could happen right away? What does success look like?

Independent regulatory body that enforces antitrust laws. I think we could help create a bill in Congress that revisits some of our strongest regulatory policies that we had in the country twenty years ago and that could prevent the financial industry from going out of control again. Some of these things are sort of happening, but there isn't enough energy around it. Some people are talking about and making a few gestures, but no one is putting enough energy to really push it through. I hope we can push our representatives to make those kinds of policies happen.


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Kristina Rizga is the executive editor of
WireTap, a political youth magazine, project director of and a member of the editorial board of The Nation .

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