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Christian Fundamentalist Group Preaches Patriarchy and Women's Fertility as Weapons for Spiritual Warfare

Author Kathryn Joyce explains the bizarre Quiverfull movement dedicated to exploding the birthrate of ultra-conservative Christians.

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Karlin: Getting back to the race issue, it's been sort of unstated, but how did we get to the point where Jesus and Christianity are seen as white? 

Joyce: That is a good question, but I'm not sure I am necessarily qualified to answer that, but I think I should clarify. I think there is subtext of race in a lot of the demographic concerns, but it's often not overt and I don't think everybody in this movement shares those beliefs. I think there's a very strong racial undercurrent, when they talk about demography as a crisis, or underpopulation, or declining fertility rates as a crisis, because they're talking about declining white fertility rates, not declining worldwide fertility rates. I think there are a lot of ties and connections between the extremist members of this movement and traditionally conservative and racist groups in the South. I don't think that's necessarily part of the theological basis for it, though.

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