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Why What's For Dinner May Be About to Change

From a White House garden to rule changes at factory farms, the era of industrial ag calling the shots is changing.

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Obesity is rampant, herbicides and fertilizers continue to poison streams and rivers throughout the nation, and even though downer cows are no longer legal, most of the animals we eat live and die under appallingly inhumane conditions. Right now the food movement is teetering on the cusp between an era of powerlessness and rage and a future of health, justice and balance. When the day comes that our food is properly produced, regulated and distributed, food fighters will have to find something new to do. Perhaps they'll pick a new cause to fight for, or maybe they'll all just become chefs and farmers. In any case they should start brainstorming, because for the first time in a generation, it actually feels like that day might come.

Gwen Schantz is a freelance writer and environmental consultant based in Brooklyn, New York. Her background is in sustainable food and agriculture, water conservation and international sustainable development, and she has lived and worked in West Africa and Southeast Asia. Gwen has a Bachelors Degree in International Studies from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY.