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Julian Bond Strikes at Prop 8's Racial Divide

The chairman of the NAACP said he opposed Proposition 8, because it singled out one group of people for "discrimination".

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He drew some of the biggest cheers when he said, "God seems to have made room in his plan for interracial marriage, and he or she will no doubt do the same for same-sex marriage."

To overuse an overused cliche, Bond was preaching to the choir. As the No on 8 campaign learned, the real hard work is shifting opinion well beyond the Wilshire corridor, away from the glitter and style of events like these. It's the difference between a statewide TV campaign and a grassroots one. It's also hard not to think whether things would have been different had he traveled up and down the state last year, but the period of picking apart the campaign seems to be giving way to a focus on what is ahead.

That's not clear yet, but at the very least Bond offered encouragement that some of Prop 8's most perplexing divisions would be addressed in a much greater way than they were during the campaign. With the (relative) lack of frivolity, that made for a fitting evening.

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