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Catholic Church Excommunicates Doctors Who Helped 9-Year-Old Rape Victim

This is probably the most repugnant thing you'll read in a while.

Here’s the most repugnant thing you’ll read all day, week, month, or ever ...

A 9-year-old girl in Brazil was impregnated with twins after being repeatedly raped by her stepfather. Doctors decided the child’s uterus was too small to safely carry a baby, let alone two, and with the mother’s permission performed an abortion. The Catholic Church not only tried to stop the procedure, but announced today that all the adults involved in terminating the pregnancy will be excommunicated from the Church -- including the doctors and the girl's mother.

So far Church officials have been silent on what judgment they plan to mete out to the man who impregnated a small child.

From the BBC:


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