Court to Review Gay Marriage Ban; Activists Gear Up for Protests

On Thursday the California Supreme Court will hear arguments against Prop. 8. Check out Wednesday night demonstrations in California.

On Thursday, the California Supreme Court will hear arguments challenging Proposition 8, a measure on the CA November ballot that banned same-sex marriage in the state.

At issue is whether the Proposition was an amendment or a revision to the California Constitution. Opponents of the measure will argue that Prop 8 was a revision of the Constitution, and therefore required two thirds approval by CA lawmakers before being presented to voters.

Prop 8 supporters will argue some crap that barely masks the real reason the measure passed: deeply entrenched, widespread homophobia.

Apparently yearning to be on the wrong side of history again, the venerable Ken Starr is lead counsel for Prop. 8 supporters. Yes, the same guy who last exploded onto the national stage by investigating semen.

The court will also decide if the 18,000 same-sex couples that married before Prop. 8 was enacted will have their unions dissolved. 

Many California lawmakers have already taken a clear stance on the issue. On Monday, both the California Senate and House passed identical resolutions opposing Prop. 8.

Meanwhile, State Attorney General Jerry Brown filed a brief "arguing that the state Constitution makes certain rights fundamental, such as equality, and that the California Supreme Court's 2008 ruling included marriage as one of those rights."

The Court has 90 days to decide if it agrees.

Before Thursday's hearing Californians have the opportunity to show their opposition to the discriminatory measure.

Equality California, which helped spearhead the fight against Prop. 8, is planning a series of demonstrations around California on Wednesday night. Here's a schedule of Wednesday night's events.