Robert Gibbs Zings Steele for Limbaugh Apology

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs: 'I was a little surprised' by the speed of Steele's apology 'to the head of the Republican Party.'
Within 24 hours of calling Rush Limbaugh “"ncendiary" and "ugly," RNC Chairman Michael Steele had bowed down before the radio host, declaring, "There was no attempt on my part to diminish [Limbaugh’s] voice or his leadership." When Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about the episode today, Gibbs suggested Steele's reply proved that Limbaugh is in fact the head of the Republican Party:

GIBBS: I was a little surprised at the speed in which Mr. Steele, the head of the RNC, apologized to the head of the Republican Party.

Watch it:

Ali Frick is a Research Associate for The Progress Report and at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.