Rihanna's Privacy Over Public Exposure

The shameful role of the media in this case of domestic violence.

Holed up in an eighth-floor suite of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Chris Brown managed to stay reasonably clear from the majority of press and public following his alleged attack on girlfriend, Rihanna.

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Not until days later did he release a statement of apology, and according to the Los Angeles Police Department, we will likely never see his mug shot.

While it is fair to say Brown's image has been criticized, his privacy, in many instances, has been preserved.

We cannot say the same for Rihanna. Going where no major news outlet had yet gone, the Los Angeles Times revealed Rihanna's identity as the victim, calling it "fair game."

Immediately, many charged Rihanna to report and prosecute, claiming she had to do it for the "restoration of her own self-esteem."

A week later, a photo that appeared to be that of an official investigation photo, showing her bloodied and beaten, was leaked on TMZ, prompting an LAPD internal investigation.

And when I didn't think it could possibly get any worse, yesterday, the New York Daily Newsran a story titled "Chris Brown learns anger management; could Rihanna use it too?," inferring that Brown's violent attack might simply have been a reaction to Rihanna's temper.