War on Iraq  
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In Iraq, Combating Oil Corruption, Staving Off Fears of a Kurdish-Arab War

A round-up of the most important news out of Iraq.

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Turkey is likely to play a prominent role as the US begins to remove thousands of tons of equipment and supplies from Iraq over the next year or so. Gordon Lubold reports for The Christian Science Monitor the American military has been quietly shipping construction materials, food, fuel, and other nonlethal items into Iraq through Turkey using a two-lane commercial border crossing known as the Habur Gate in southeastern Turkey.

The war in Iraq isn’t over. The main events may not even have happened yet, Thomas E. Ricks reports for The Washington Post:

Many of those closest to the situation in Iraq expect a full-blown civil war to break out there in the coming years. “I don’t think the Iraqi civil war has been fought yet,” one colonel told me. Others were concerned that Iraq was drifting toward a military takeover. Counterinsurgency expert David Kilcullen worried that the classic conditions for a military coup were developing — a venal political elite divorced from the population lives inside the Green Zone, while the Iraqi military outside the zone’s walls grows both more capable and closer to the people, working with them and trying to address their concerns.