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The Greatest Animal Exploitation on Earth: Circus Elephants Finally Get Their Day in Court

We are one step closer to the end of an era where animals beaten and starved to perform "tricks" for our amusement and someone's profit.

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Shaun Monson’s credits include the comedy Bad Actors, a certified Dogme 95 film, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2001. After 9/11 he directed a one-hour documentary on the Taliban called Holy War, Unholy Victory, hosted and narrated by Academy Award winning actor George Kennedy (Cool Hand Luke). Shaun has also written several screenplays, including a biopic on legendary filmmaker Orson Welles. Shaun spent five years making Earthlings for Nation Earth, a film production company dedicated to socially urgent issues, and is currently working on volume two of the Earthlings trilogy, entitled Unity.