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Sam Stein Becomes First Progressive Online Reporter to Ask Presidential Press Conference Question

A movement moment for the online progressive community.

The clouds didn't open. A choir didn't start singing. A ray of sunlight didn't come shining down.

But I'm pretty sure I said, "HALLELUJAH!" when Barack Obama uttered those four divine words tonight, "Sam Stein. Huffington Post."

David Sirota aptly called this a movement moment. It was also, to be clear, a historic moment--and a legitimizing moment--for an online progressive community that's been years in the making and tonight had its first chance to ask a President of the United States a question at a news conference.

Sam's question was co-equal in status to the traditional talking heads. But unlike so many other questions, his question represented a concern on the minds of millions of Americans that the DC chattering class largely resists talking about: Should Bush Administration officials be held accountable for violating the American rule of law? Sam--a consistently great reporter and an

avid biker

--asked his question with composure and professionalism.

Adam Green is cofounder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) , dedicated to helping progressive candidates run progressive campaigns and win.

He is also interim CEO of Change Congress , a reform group formed by Prof. Lawrence Lessig and Joe Trippi to reform congressional elections and special-interest influence on Congress.

Adam formerly served as Director of Strategic Campaigns and Civic Communications Director for

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