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Women Have Boobs -- Get Over It

Mine are really big -- and they're a burden. They come with the label "airhead" and "slut." Will we ever end our collective obsession with boobs?

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I don’t lack respect for these girls (they were after all only between 14 and 16 years old at the time), but it’s hugely worrying that their kind words didn’t consist instead of: "You shouldn’t have to put up with this," "It’s not your fault," or "Let’s talk to the headmaster and make sure the governors hear about this, because that teacher ought to be fired immediately."

My male friends trivialized the situation, possibly simply fearing the scorn of their classmates, but, for whatever reason, they were disinterested in sticking up for me and generally adopted the same "chill out and enjoy the attention" attitude as the girls. As for the teachers, they turned a blind eye whenever possible, pretended they hadn’t noticed when I was assaulted in their classes and did as little as possible when I specifically asked for their support.

Of course, it wasn’t just at school that my mammary tissue provoked so much humiliation. As soon as my large breasts appeared, I had to deal with grown men leering at me, propositioning me and telling me what they wanted to do to me. I don’t honestly know if I looked much older than I really was, but as a general rule, I’d say that inviting a girl in school uniform to provide you with a "tit wank" isn’t really appropriate. And no, this was not an isolated incident.

My youth orchestra held an annual awards ceremony, one of the awards being the "Mammoth Melons Award," for which the girl with the biggest breasts would be presented with two enormous watermelons, and everybody would have a good laugh about it. Every year, I would spend the morning of the awards ceremony hiding in the bathroom hyperventilating at the prospect of being so humiliated (I never got the award -- either I wasn’t popular enough or one of my friends tipped off the organizers about how upset I’d be).

When I look back on this now, I’m completely appalled that it was allowed to happen. Making fun of a teenage girl’s breasts in an official awards ceremony approved by the teachers is just not cool.

Something else that made me feel very uncomfortable about my new assets was the extent to which I was stared at, not just by sleazy men, but by other women. My breasts were given disparaging stares, envious stares and stares whose motivation I couldn’t work out at all. I was also given some very unpleasant verbal abuse by other women. I very rarely received compliments about my breasts from anyone other than close friends -- whenever anyone made a comment, it was nasty.

Unsolicited comments I’ve received from other women include "That’s so not attractive," "You do realize they’ll be down to your ankles by the time you’re 30" and, "You think you’re something really special, don’t you?" And, of course, apart from the unpleasant comments themselves, a lengthy disparaging stare speaks a thousand vitriolic words.

I believe that the reason that so many women feel that it’s acceptable to mock large breasts is that there is an underlying assumption that all women want larger breasts. Women’s magazines are full of tips on how to "make the most of your assets." In trashy chick-lit novels, the protagonist with whom we are supposed to identify always has small ones.

Because there is an assumption that all women want bigger breasts, women who actually do have big breasts are assumed to be in a state of extreme smugness. And because it’s entirely unacceptable for a woman to be happy with her appearance, anyone with big tits needs taking down a peg or two, the conceited bitch.

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