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Conservative Kristol Pens Last NYT Column, Reportedly Heading to the Washington Post

Given Kristol's history with the Times, perhaps the Post will do its readers a service and assign an extra fact checker to his work.

Last November, Weekly Standard editor and prominent neoconservative William Kristol was asked if he wanted to renew his contract as a weekly columnist with The New York Times. " I'm ambivalent," Kristol said. "I dunno. You gotta talk to them about that. It's been a lot of work and I'm kinda stretched a little thin. I'll see."

It appears Kristol has resolved his ambivalence. At the conclusion of his Times column today, an editor's note reads, " This is William Kristol's last column." However, Kristol's last Times scribe is unlikely to be a memorable one, as he meandered back and forth ( as he usually does) about the superiority of conservatism, without really explaining why. For example:

Conservatives have been right more often than not -- and more often than liberals -- about most of the important issues of the day: about Communism and jihadism, crime and welfare, education and the family. Conservative policies have on the whole worked -- insofar as any set of policies can be said to "work" in the real world.

But it appears that Kristol's tirades against all things progressive have found a new home. Politico's "Playbook" reports this morning that "he's now beginning a monthly column in The Washington Post." Aside from the monotony of Kristol's opinion pieces, it might be worth reminding the Post's editors and readers what they're in for: factual errors. Some examples:

Benjamin J. Armbruster is a Research Associate for The Progress Report and at the Center for American Progress.

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