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Ray LaHood: The Obama Appointment You Should Be Really Worried About

He'll guide the spending of vast amounts of stimulus money, oversee the auto bailout and be responsible for a raft of critical policy.

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Voters are already coming to understand that there's a link between climate change, land use and transportation. With effective leadership, I think we Americans are ready now to choose a new path forward: bright green, thriving cities instead of more boom-bust sprawl.

We need a Secretary of Transportation who sees the choice, can articulate it to the American people, and can lead the fight for change. Without that change, none of Obama's promises on climate, on cities, on energy independence or on green jobs can be fulfilled.

And to get that Secretary, we're going to need a citizen's movement that pushes the Obama administration and Congress to demand new transportation priorities in this stimulus package. That fight has barely even begun.

Alex Steffen is the executive editor of Worldchanging.

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