Truce in Gaza? Bush Must Be Exiting the Stage

One suspects this was the plan all along.
Funny how the closer we come to the end of the reign of Our Dear Leader and his Merry Gang of Torturers, War Criminals and Assorted Neocon Boobs, the more the Israelis suddenly seem open to the possibility of a cease fire.

Israel said today its Gaza offensive could be "in the final act" as the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon said a ceasefire was "very close".

The Israeli envoy Amos Gilad arrived in Cairo this morning for the second day in a row to seek clarifications and express Israeli views about the latest Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire. [...]

Today's diplomatic manoeuvres follow reports that Hamas told Egypt, which is brokering the negotiations, that it would agree a year-long renewable ceasefire in Gaza if Israel pulled out its forces within seven days and reopened border crossings immediately.

"Hopefully we're in the final act," said Mark Regev, spokesman for the prime minister, Ehud Olmert, this morning. Briefings by the envoys working in Washington and Cairo could be followed by swift decisions by the security cabinet, he added.

One suspects this was the plan all along. Decapitate and kill as many of Hamas' leaders and followers (and any other Gazans who just happened to get in the way) as possible before President-elect Obama gets rid of the "-elect" after his title this coming Tuesday. I also suspect that no cease fire will be announced until Bush's butt is firmly implanted in the seat of the last helicopter ride he will ever take at tax payer expense. Sadly, I doubt this little war has done anything to improve the long term prospects of peace in the Middle East or improve Israel's security concerns. It has only strengthened the hand of radical Islamic extremists throughout the region, increased anger at Israel among the Arab world at all levels, and weakened the security of our own country and its military forces in the Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else they are exposed to possible terrorist attacks.