Obama Can Learn from Bush: 'We Tried' Ain't Enough

We will need to remind Obama again and again that for those voters concerned about immigration, 'almost' just ain't gonna cut it come 2012.

In "Bush legacy: 'At least we tried doesn't cut it," Gebe Martinez argues that there is no rainbow's end on the arc of major issues that only seemed to worsen under President George W. Bush's watch.


If there is one lesson President-elect Barack Obama can learn from his predecessor, it is that "at least we tried" is not a graceful end note to failure. It just doesn't cut it.


Especially when it comes to immigration.

The Politico column continues:

Like Bush, Obama is committed to an immigration measure that combines enforcement with earned legalization for illegal immigrants in the country. But as his predecessor proved, Obama cannot wait and turn to immigration after his political capital has run out. And he has to maintain the tone, not react to the rhetoric.

In other words, when it comes to immigration, strike while the iron is hot. Don't end up wondering what would have happened if you had had the strength to act.