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MSNBC Host: It Wouldn't Be 'Funny' If Someone Called Me 'Tamron Hall the Magic Negro Anchor Lady'

Tamron Hall slams Kate Obenshain for defending Chip Saltman's controversial Christmas greeting.

Today on MSNBC, anchor Tamron Hall hosted a segment discussing RNC chair candidate Chip Saltsman's Christmas greeting this year that contained a CD with the song " Barack the Magic Negro" on it. During the discussion, Kate Obenshain, vice president of Young America's Foundation, defended the song, calling it "a parody." But Hall, an African-American, quickly interjected, saying there is nothing "funny or amusing" it:

HALL: Well let me tell you this -- if someone referred to me as "Tamron Hall the Magic Negro Anchor Lady," I would never see it as anything funny or amusing.

Hall later told Obenshain, "you're not going to win a lot of people over calling them 'Magic Negros.'"]Transcript:

Benjamin J. Armbruster is a Research Associate for The Progress Report and at the Center for American Progress.

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