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Bye-Bye 2008: Things I Want to Forget

Sarah Palin shows up a few times on this list.

2008 was a very memorable year, featuring one of the most unforgettable presidential campaigns in history.

But with the new year quickly approaching, and the Bush Years coming to an end, I'd like to take a moment to focus on the things that happened over the last 12 months that I'd love to forget. Here is my list:

That Eliot Spitzer was "Client No. 9." That Eliot Spitzer likes things "you might not think are safe." The look on Silda Spitzer's face.

That Dick Cheney still doesn't believe waterboarding is torture.

The thrill going up Chris Matthew's leg.

Ashley Todd, the young college Republican who claimed an Obama supporter had carved a backwards "B" into her cheek. And I would particularly like to forget that so many in the media gave so much play to Ashley's tale.

Sarah Palin's belief that there is a "real America" and "pro-America areas" of America.

The Palin Catch-Phrase Collection: " Palling around with terrorists," " Team of mavericks," "Just a hockey mom," " I put it on eBay," " Thanks, but no thanks," "You betcha."

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