WSJ Uses 'Reporting' to Print Free Political Advertising for Anti-Labor Group

Political agendas instead of news. Welcome to the Wall Street Journal.
When you see this WSJ headline, "Illinois Scandal Spotlights SEIU's Use of Political Tactics," attached to a story in the Journal's "news" section, you'd expect there to be some actual reporting and not just an excuse to repeat anonymous, unproven or fact-free allegations and innuendo. But this is the new WSJ.

Instead, what we get from this article by "reporters" Kris Maher and David Kesmodel is just another excuse to front for an anonymous anti-labor group whose spokesperson admits that its political agenda is to air hit pieces on the SEIU in order to undermine support for the Employee Free Choice Act.

The dishonesty starts with the fact that the merits of providing workers with another option for organizing -- the heart of the EFCA -- have nothing to do with anything in the article. The anti-EFCA forces, including the Journal owners, just want you to think there's a connection to some scandal. With that in mind, here's the dishonest set up for this ad masquerading as "reporting."

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