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A Rundown of Bush's Terrible Last Minute Regulations

These are a giant f*** you to the American people.

Though just last week I got really pissed off at Tim Dickinson's Rolling Stone piece on Proposition 8, this week he has a really good article about all of the last-minute regulations Bush is putting into place as he walks out the White House door.  Of course, we know all about the anti-choice HHS rule . . . but there's a lot more than that.

While every modern president has implemented last-minute regulations, Bush is rolling them out at a record pace -- nearly twice as many as Clinton, and five times more than Reagan. "The administration is handing out final favors to its friends," says Véronique de Rugy, a scholar at George Mason University who has tracked six decades of midnight regulations. "They couldn't do it earlier -- there would have been too many political repercussions. But with the Republicans having lost seats in Congress and the presidency changing parties, Bush has nothing left to lose."

Some of the highlights:

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