End the Death Penalty Today on Meet the Bloggers

Isn't it time for the U.S. to abolish capital punishment?

In this progressive era, isn't it time for the U.S. to abolish the death penalty? Doesn't everyone know by now the death penalty doesn't work as a deterrent and costs taxpayers more to prosecute than life imprisonment without the possibility of parole? It's uncivilized, ineffective, and inhumane.

This week on Meet the Bloggers, we're discussing the death penalty with actor Mike Farrell -- television's B.J. Hunnicutt on M*A*S*H* -- who has worked for social justice and human rights for more than 40 years. A lifelong opponent of the death penalty, Farrell is president of Death Penalty Focus. He joins show host Cenk Uygur and Liliana Segura, the Rights and Liberties blogger for Alternet.

We'll also talk to blogger Bryna Subherwal about Amnesty International's Global Write-a-Thon, now in progress. Plus, we'll learn about the state of the death penalty in Mexico from special correspondent Axel Woolfolk, as well as the hypocrisy of using the Bible to justify the death penalty from Brave New Films blogger Jonathan Kim.