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Health Experts Make a Perverse Push for Fat-Rich, Red Meat Diets

Most dietitians say people already have too much protein in their diets. So why is increased meat consumption being promoted in medical journals?

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This indicates the need "for widespread dissemination of the scientific evidence supporting the role of protein in optimal health in order to alter the current misperceptions  about protein in the diet," say the Cattlemen.

It also explains Wolfe's fool's errand to JAMA in which he wrote (before a correction was run), "A variety of studies have shown levels of protein intake above the RDA benefiting muscle mass, strength, and function, bone health, maintenance of energy balance, cardiovascular function and wound healing," probably referring to his own work.

Maybe journals need to see e-mails that read 

Martha Rosenberg is a columnist and cartoonist who frequently writes about the impact of the pharmaceutical, food and gun industries on public health. A former medical copywriter, her work has appeared in the Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, as well as on the BBC and in the original National Lampoon.

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