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Wingnuts' Crazy Obama Conspiracy Theory To Be Discussed by Supreme Court?!?

The mere fact that the U.S. Supreme Court is considering it gives the whole thing currency it shouldn't have.

I have only been tangentially aware of this wingnut conspiracy theory that Barack Obama isn't really a U.S. citizen. It's the typical kooky stuff you see when Democrats are in charge.

But this is pretty amazing:

[L]egions of anti-Obama bloggers are so convinced he was born in Kenya that they’ve filed more than a dozen lawsuits nationwide.

They cite the Constitution’s requirement that presidents be "natural born citizens." They want the election declared void if Obama doesn’t deliver an original birth certificate -- subject to an inspection by forensic experts -- to be sure.

One litigant’s U.S. Supreme Court filing is scheduled to be discussed in private by the justices later this week.

Justice Clarence Thomas distributed to his colleagues a request that the high court weigh in before the Electoral College makes Obama’s victory official later this month. The justices may decide in a Friday conference whether to hear or cast away a lawsuit dismissed in a lower court and appealed by a retired New Jersey lawyer named Leo C. Donofrio, who also has his own Web site.

Like most of the commentators on this issue, I wouldn't expect them to get involved. But then I insisted they wouldn't get involved in Bush vs Gore either. You just never know.

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