Van Jones: One of the Most Visionary Progressive Leaders

The green jobs advocate has just received the prestigious Puffin/Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship. Here's a look at the best of his 2008 work.

Van Jones has been leading the rallying call for a greener and a more inclusive America. He has been advocating for a green recovery plan in response to our economic and environmental problems. His ideas of "social uplifting environmentalism" are a way to help people save and earn money, to create jobs, lift people out of poverty, clean up the air and water, reduce global warming emissions and spark our economic engines.

Jones is the founder of Green For All and author of the recent book Green Collar Economy. His work recently earned him the prestigious Puffin/Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship.

"The economic recession has seriously affected all the cultural and educational institutions in our country," said Perry Rosenstein, president of the Puffin Foundation, Ltd., the co-sponsor of the Creative Citizenship award. "A green 'tidal wave' of reconstruction of the American economy can lead us out of this dilemma. Van Jones is pointing the way. We are proud to honor his leadership."

Hamilton Fish, the president of The Nation Institute, which co-sponsors the prize, said, "In a year of change, Van Jones offers an integrated, progressive blueprint that simultaneously promotes jobs, environmental stewardship and economic progress. He has arrived to pull us back from the brink."

In honor of Jones’ award, here’s a look at some of the best pieces we've run in the last few months by Jones and about his work.