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Gawker Lays Off Its One Female Employee

Yet another publication ditches diversity and adopts an all-male masthead.

This post first appeared on TakePart.

Say what you will about Gawker. They’re too snarky, or they’re not funny at all, or they’re not insider-y enough anymore.

But you can say for sure that they’ve got that same old broken record problem on their hands that has trailed too many journalism outlets:

Today, laid off its one female staffer, Sheila McClear.

Don’t misunderstand me: I understand that Gawker Media’s model is to continue to employ bloggers with the highest pageviews, and surely there’s other internal decisions those of us in the chattering classes aren’t privy to, as well.  McClear (or Maureen “Moe” Tkacik, a Jezebel-then-Gawker blogger was let go earlier this year) should not have been kept on staff just as a token female (like the blogosphere’s Sarah Palins).  That’s always the first shrill, defensive cry I hear -- from men, of course!  especially men in the positions of power to fix the diversity problem! -- when I bitch about the lack of women writing for or on staff at a publication.

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