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SNL's Amy Poehler: Smart Girls Have More Fun

SNL star Amy Poehler talks about her new online TV series, Smart Girls at the Party.


Exclusive Interview with actress Amy Poehler on her new digital TV series aimed at empowering young girls, "Smart Girls at the Party"

Actress Amy Poehler made us all laugh earlier this year with her comedic impersonations of Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live, but off screen she is actually quite serious about her crusade to inspire the next generation of women leaders. Poehler is the co-creator and host of a new online show titled, Smart Girls at the Party, which "celebrates extraordinary girls who are changing the world by being themselves." She created the series (featured on digital media network ON Networks) with good friends producer Meredith Walker and musical director Amy Miles. In each weekly episode, Poehler interviews a pre-teen girl with "a unique talent, community interest or point of view" in a lighthearted spirit of humor and fun. Poehler says, "We looked for girls that had passions, girls who felt passionate about stuff, no matter what that was." Past shows have featured 10 year-old writer Cameron with a penchant for the paranormal, sisters Lea and Sarafina talking about the joys of sisterhood, and the latest episode features 7-year-old Ruby, who Amy describes as a "feminist, activist, deep thinker and artist", who gives her own perspective on feminism, stating matter-of-factly: "I think that boys and girls are of equal value" and sings a feminist anthem she wrote. During the course of the season, The Smart Girls crew get taught by the girls they interview everything from gardening, to dancing, to meditation and yoga . "We wanted the show to be us having fun along with the girls," says Poehler. Each episode always ends with a group dance party. Smart Girls at the Party is a dynamic mix of many things: silly and serious, inspiring and entertaining, hip and educational, simple yet profound.

Most of us women can commiserate with how difficult it is to be a preteen girl and remember how important those formative years are to a girl's sense of self. And as the mother of two young daughters (and co-founder of the women's web site, I am encouraged to see more alternative media like Smart Girls emerging, instilling empowering messages and presenting positive, realistic role models to that age group.

You may remember how enormously pregnant Poehler was when she infamously rapped and danced with Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live in mid-October. Poehler gave birth to 8lb 1oz baby Archibald William Emerson Arnett aka "Archie" (with husband actor Will Arnett) on October 25th, and although she has left SNL, she will soon be starring in her own NBC sitcom coming out in spring 2009, from the producers of "The Office," co-starring Aziz Ansari and Rashida Jones. In the following interview, she answers a few questions about why she decided to create Smart Girls, the challenges young girls face in today's society, and whose interview style she would most compare herself to (here's a hint: she couldn't pick just one).

Marianne Schnall: "Smart Girls at the Party" was created by you with two of your friends, Meredith Walker and Amy Miles. How did the idea for the show come about?

Amy Poehler: The idea came out of us wishing we had a time machine so we could go back to the younger versions of ourselves and let them know it was gonna be ok. We wanted to do a show that we would have wanted to watch at that age. And we knew we wanted to have a dance party at the end. We basically started with the dance party and worked backwards.