Franken-Coleman Update: This Is Not Florida in 2000

This will take a while, but that's how recounts go.
As we watch the recount process unfold in Minnesota, bear this in mind: The persons screaming the loudest about "chaos" (which is apparently what would happen if all the votes were honestly counted, to judge from their squawking), and how icky everything about the recount supposedly is, and comparing the Minnesota recount to that of Florida in 2000, are the ones with the most invested in delegitimizing the results.

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi has sussed this out from the get-go, noting both Norm Coleman's frantically sleazy campaign and even more frantically sleazy post-campaign aren't exactly helping him here -- not when that notorious weathervane Tim Pawlenty had to tell him off in public for being a dorkwad.

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