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Meet the Latino in Charge of Outlining Obama's Immigration Policy

The President-Elect looks to fix the immigration system.

Its fitting that Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar grew up in Calexico, the California town whose name is a combination of California and Mexico.  As a leader of President-elect Barack Obama’s task force on immigration, Cuéllar can certainly use some transcultural sensitivity.

Cuéllar, a law professor at Stanford University, has been named one of the co-heads of the Obama transition’s  Immigration Policy Working Group.  The transition’s web site says, he is in charge of “working on a plan to implement the President-elect’s commitments to fix the immigration system through legislative and executive actions that promote prosperity, enhance our security, strengthen families, and advance the rule of law.”

Cuéllar has called the current immigration situation in the U.S. “a humanitarian crisis that we’ve ignored” and one that deserves an appropriate response, Spanish wire Agencia EFE reported.