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Challenges Hillary Clinton Would Face as the Next Secretary of State

Clinton's task abroad would be much like the one she and Obama just faced: to turn an adversarial relationship into an alliance.

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In one important way, Clinton’s past reputation as a foreign policy hawk may stand her -- and America -- in good stead. It should send the message that a broader strategic approach to security does not imply weakness.

Finally, a big part of the new secretary of state’s role will involve the overlap between global and national issues, above all issues related to the economy and on policies that both secure our borders and ensure the orderly flow of workers and visitors in and out of our country.

The world depends on the United States’ ability to address shared challenges. In turn, America depends on the ability of the rest of the world to work with us. The new secretary of state will be at the center of the global effort required to calm financial markets and restore global economic growth, to promote international justice, and to find common approaches to global security challenges. No country, even a superpower, can do any of this on its own.

Michele Wucker is executive director of the New York City-based World Policy Institute, a nonpartisan center for progressive global policy analysis and thought leadership.