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Rumsfeld's Attempts to Rewrite Himself on the Right Side of History Are Laughable

The failed defense secretary pens a historical cover-up on Iraq and reveals more wild stupidity with his advice on Afghanistan.

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Beyond that, the surge worked, if you can say it worked at all, because the Shiites used American protection to finish the job of ethnic cleansing, especially in Baghdad. Baghdad's a Shiite city now, with a few Sunni enclaves. The killing has declined because the boundaries have been set, at least for now. It's not a pretty picture, close up, and it has nothing to do with the silly dreams Bush and Rumsfeld were pushing when they persuaded us to go to war.

And even the slight improvement that the surge managed came with Rumsfeld kicking and screaming, resisting the change all the way, because the man is in complete denial about counterinsurgency warfare, about the fact that we aren't beloved liberators in Iraq and Afghanistan, and about the notion that the world doesn't divide neatly into good people that we can talk to and bad people we pretend aren't there. So whatever needs to be done in Afghanistan, you can be absolutely sure of one thing: It won't have anything to do with whatever Donald Rumsfeld recommends.  

Gary Brecher is the author of " The War Nerd " (Soft Skull, 2008). Read more of his work at eXiledOnline.com.

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