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Virtual Sex: How Online Games Changed Our Culture

Games like Second Life let you to live your fantasy as a pimp, prostitute or pirate, knight, dominatrix, or any other self-created design you see fit.

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The Bully protest and the Hot Coffee fallout did not stop new, potentially controversial titles from appearing. "No fewer than six announced [online sex titles] were in development -- Spend the Night, Naughty America: The Game, Rapture Online, Heavenly Bodies, Red Light Center and 3 Feel," Brenda Brathwaite's Sex in Video Games said at the time. "Although each game had a slightly different feature set, all focused on sexual interactions between characters in the game to some degree or another." One of the most notable titles was actually in some form of public beta-testing for several years. Sociolotron is a massive, X-rated virtual world created by veteran game developer Patric Lagny. There are monsters to slay and treasure to find like Ultima Online and other adventures, but Sociolotron was made specifically for you to live your fantasy as a pimp, prostitute or pirate, knight, dominatrix or spy, or any other self-created design you see fit. You can then have sex with any of the hundreds of other role players on the virtual plain. If you have a desire that isn't included in the game -- and there are many included in the game -- you can ask the creator himself to code it in. It is all run by Lagny, like a mom-and-pop sex shop. He told the tech magazine Sync, "My intent was to fashion something the big companies, like Sony, wouldn't ever touch." Still, according to Lagny's data, female Sociolotron players outnumber the men almost two to one.


In 2006, authors Jon M. Gibson and Chris Carle collaborated on a line of calendars called Nerdcore. Shot by photographer Cherie Roberts, the first calendar features porn stars with video games. Miss December leans against the arcade machine of Williams' classic Defender, her long blonde tresses stopping just short of her ample breasts and her long legs -- actually, her whole body -- only covered from the calf down. She wears gym socks with gold and purple stripes. Miss November lays on her stomach across a queen-sized bed playing an old Nintendo GameBoy handheld (originally released in 1989). She twists her nude body just right so her untanned behind is in full camera view. The first edition was successful enough for Nerdcore to release a second calendar focused on superheroes. It had a launch party in a large Los Angeles comic book shop with an open bar, porn performers and blowup posters of the calendar. The tech channel G4TV and other international outlets covered the event. Masi Oka, a lead actor on the popular NBC fantasy show Heroes, came to the party.

The same year Evergreen Events held the first annual Sex in Video Games conference in San Francisco. "This unique conference will focus on the design, development, and technology of sex in video games from a national as well as international perspective," read the website. "In addition, this conference will also have a strong focus on business matchmaking and networking. During the conference's two day run, it will feature numerous lectures and keynotes, a machinima art show (erotic art and movies derived from video games) as well as panel discussions with leaders in video game and adult video game development." Panels included "Sex in Games: Where are We Now?," "Creating a Massively Multiplayer Online Erotic Game" and "Integrating International AO Success into the US Market". (AO stood for Adults Only.) According to the SiVG organizers, the original meeting place, the Nob Hill Masonic Center, suddenly refused to hold the conference. The venue was planned well in advance. At the last minute, the conference was moved to the Kensington Hotel. Attendees would get lost in the large building as the hoteliers did not allow the organizers to put up a sign for the conference in the lobby. MTV, Wired, and The Washington Post were able to find the event. There would be no conference in 2007.

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