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How Lieberman Kept His Post: "The Meeting Was Political Theater"

By the time Lieberman's future came to a vote, the result was preordained.

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In the end, it seems, there was more willingness to punish Lieberman than the final vote (42-13) suggests. But a bevy of factors got in the way, from Obama's intercession to the quick movement of the forgive-Lieberman forces. Finally, there was the realization that, perhaps, other fights were more important.

"There are so many gigantic problems to confront, dealing with Unctuous Joe is the least of our worries," said one aide. "It's annoying, but with the auto industry teetering, our economy rapidly slowing, an Administration that's the lamest duck I've ever seen, while I wish we could've just dealt with this more firmly, it's inside baseball that doesn't make a difference in people's lives."


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