Al Franken Continues to Narrow the Gap in Minnesota

Long story short: Franken has a pretty good shot at coming out on top.
It's tough to walk away from obsessive interest in campaign coverage cold turkey, isn't it? Fortunately, we have some fascinating, unresolved Senate races, which are akin to nicotine patches.

With that in mind, what's the latest out of Minnesota? The gap gets narrower all the time.
Al Franken's deficit just keeps on shrinking as the state adjusts the unofficial tally in the U.S. Senate election last week.
Today's latest results show the DFL challenger is now trailing Republican incumbent Norm Coleman by 204 votes. That's down from 221 over the weekend.
As of 12:10 p.m., Coleman has 1,211,560 votes to Franken's 1,211,356.

Whether there will be a full, statewide recount is no longer an issue. State law mandates one for races where the margin is 0.5% or less, and the gap in the Coleman-Franken contest is a little less than 0.01%. Coleman was leaning on Franken to concede and skip this process, but even if he's given up on avoiding a recount.