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Barack and Bill: Their First Duet

Clinton and Obama finally share a stage together, and the results are strong.

Is this the happy ending to the fairy tale of Barack and Bubba?

Last night, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton led a rally in Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, Florida -- the long-anticipated debut of both men on the same stage .

"Look at this crowd! It's not only big it is highly diverse," said Clinton, who had been criticized for sometimes racially-charged comments during the Democratic primary. "You've even got a few old gray headed white guys like me. You haven't shut my demographic out yet."

The 42nd President praised Obama for picking Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate: "He hit that one out of the park folks.'' And he made a strong case for why current Democratic nominee should be sent to the White House. "Folks," he concluded, "we can't fool with this -- our country hangs in the balance ... Folks, this man should be our president.''

Obama, saying he was proud to be friends with the Clintons, returned the praise repeatedly. "In case all of you forgot, this is what it's like to have a great president," he told the crowd. "We all wish the last eight years looked more like the Clinton years.''

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