The Pornograph-izing of Sarah Palin

Strip club look alike contests and the 'Nailin Palin' porno by Hustler are not in good fun.
Via Sociological Images -- a truly great blog I discovered recently -- comes this story about a Sarah Palin lookalike contest held at Vegas strip club (oh, sorry, "gentleman's club"). Lots of bikinis, sexualized use of guns and sexism abound. You can view more photographs of the event here.

The saddest thing is that it's not the most offensive display of sexualized misogyny that has been directed a Palin. The sex doll came close, but I'd say that award goes "Naylin' Paylin," the Larry Flint pornographic film starring yet another Palin lookalike, the existence of which all of us should have seen coming.
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