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McCain vs. Obama = Extreme Individualism vs. Commons-Based Society

The commons helps explain the sharp difference between presidential candidates this year.

The commons is an unfamiliar concept to most Americans, and one not likely to become a campaign issue in the closing week of the election. But it's an underlying current of the presidential race that helps define the sharp differences between Republican and Democratic tickets this year.

John McCain is a devout believer in individualism, which is why he celebrates free market policies and go-it-alone foreign policy -- just like the Bush Administration before him. Barack Obama represents a swing back to community minded values, which fit into the broader framework of the commons.

This election, more than any in recent history, offers a no-turning-back choice for what Americans want our country to become.

John McCain speaks patriotically of Country First and has recently taken to railing about the need for reform in Wall Street and Washington, but the policies he proposes will elevate selfishness to levels not seen since the days of Robber Barons. His tax plans push beyond even the Bush Administration in relieving wealthy people and corporations of any obligation to the greater common good. McCain's assessment of our economic predicament assumes that government regulation is always the problem, and unfettered markets are always the solution. Never mind the Nightmare on Wall Street.

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